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Sharjah Bus Rentals: Comfort & Quality at Great Prices

Bus Rental Sharjah affordable services available Daily, Weekly and Monthly with or without a Driver for Large, Small and Company transportation with full package with or without fuel including full insurance of passengers and drivers with the start of work.


Get on the road with our Bus Rental Sharjah Dubai and Ajman

Our Bus Rental Sharjah is a premier bus rental company based in Sharjah. We offer an exceptional range of quality bus rental services, supported by our extensive fleet of vehicles and a dedicated team of professionals. If you’re seeking luxury bus rentals in Dubai, look no further than us. We are committed to fulfilling all your transportation needs and ensuring that your experience of traveling in high-class vehicles at affordable rates exceeds your expectations. Our comprehensive bus rental program features a diverse selection of options, all backed by our well-organized and disciplined staff, making us one of the leading bus rental services in Sharjah.

Toyota Hiace 13 Seater - Ideal Choice for Bus Rental Sharjah

13 Seater Hiace for Rent

Toyota Hiace 14 Seater - Optimal Choice for Bus Rental Sharjah

14 Seater Hiace For Rent

Toyota Hiace 15 Seater for Rent - Perfect for Bus Rental Sharjah

15 Seater Hiace For Rent

22 Seater Coaster for Rent - Perfect Solution for Bus Rental Sharjah

22 Seater Coaster Bus

26 Seater Minibus for Rent - Perfect Choice for Bus Rental Sharjah

26 Seater Mini Bus For Rent

30 Seater Minibus for Rent - Perfect Solution for Bus Rental Sharjah

30 Seater Bus for Rent

34 Seater Rosa Bus for Rent - Ideal Choice for Bus Rental Sharjah

34 Seater Rosa Bus for Rent

Rent a comfortable 35-seater bus in Dubai for group travel.

35 Seater Bus for Rent

84 Seater Ashok Bus for Rent in Dubai and Sharjah - Spacious Solution for Bus Rental Sharjah

84 Seater bus for Rent

60-80 Seater Ashok Bus for Rent in Dubai and Sharjah - Ideal Choice for Bus Rental Sharjah

60-80 Seater Bus Rental

Yellow School bus featured in our bus rental Dubai service, idling on a sunlit city street.

School Bus Rental Sharjah

Sharjah Airport Transfer Bus for Rent - Convenient Transportation for Bus Rental Sharjah

Sharjah Airport Transfers

Hotel Transfer Services Bus for Rent - Convenient Transportation for Bus Rental Sharjah

Hotel Transfer Sevices

Staff Transport Bus for Rent - Efficient Transportation Solution for Bus Rental Sharjah

Staff Transport Sharjah

Labor Transport Bus for Rent - Efficient Transportation Solution for Bus Rental Sharjah

Labor Transportation

Dubai Airport Transfer - Convenient Transportation Solution for Bus Rental Sharjah

Dubai Airport Transfer

Sharjah Bus Charter Company

At Bus Rental Sharjah, we offer a comprehensive range of bus rental and transportation services tailored for educational institutions, including schools, colleges, universities, and institutes. We also cater to the needs of hotels, construction firms, contracting companies, and various other sectors such as hospitals, restaurants, event organizers, and wedding celebrations throughout the UAE.

Our bus rental services in Dubai feature exclusive packages for Dubai city tours, sightseeing adventures, trips to Al Ain, Abu Dhabi tours, Dubai shopping excursions, and reliable staff transportation solutions. We are recognized leaders in school bus rentals, staff transport services, and long-term bus leasing in the region.

We are accessible via phone, mobile, WhatsApp, and online chat, ensuring that booking our services is convenient. You can reach us anytime, even outside of regular business hours, for any inquiries or to arrange a rental.

Staff Transport Bus for Rent - Efficient Transportation Solution for Bus Rental Sharjah

For the finest bus rental company experience, contact us to book today! Affordable bus rental company with a skilled team of qualified drivers.

Our team is committed to delivering the very best in coach and bus hire—quality vehicles, excellent service, and affordable bus hire prices in Sharjah and across the UAE. We cater to groups of all sizes, available 24/7 throughout the year. For further inquiries about Sharjah Bus Rental or Bus Rental Sharjah services, please don’t hesitate to request a quote or contact our friendly staff today at +971 54 303 2086.

Different Types of Rentals Buses
There are different types of buses, including minivans, minibuses, luxury buses, Labor buses and long-distance buses with drivers. We are a fleet of luxury Buses with professional drivers, offering the highest quality service in luxury transportation services for airport transfers, city tours special events, business meetings, or social occasions ect. We own more than 150 different types of Buses: from 7 passenger taxis van to 7 – 13 passenger buses, 15 – 30 passenger buses, 33 – 50 passenger buses, 66 to 84 seat labor buses, all fully air-conditioned.

Sharjah Bus rental- One of the best Bus Rental Companies in Sharjah
Sharjah bus rental is one of Sharjah leading bus rental companies. With over 20 years of experience, A large fleet of Buses & drivers and minivans is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week also Sharjah bus rental will take care of you and your family group whenever transportation is needed.

Coaster Bus Rental in Sharjah

Explore Our Coaster Bus Rental Options in Sharjah : Discover the ideal solution for your group transportation needs with our Coaster bus rental services in Sharjah. Perfect for medium-sized groups, our Coaster buses offer comfort, reliability, and safety, ensuring a pleasant journey across the UAE.

Sharjah to Dubai Bus and Bus from Dubai to Sharjah

Reliable Bus Services Between Sharjah and Dubai : Whether you’re commuting daily or planning a one-time trip, our bus services from Sharjah to Dubai and back provide punctual and comfortable transport. Enjoy seamless travel with our well-maintained buses and professional drivers.

Mini Bus and Mini Bus Rental Sharjah

Mini Bus Rental Services in Sharjah : For smaller groups or family outings, our mini bus rental services in Sharjah are your best choice. These buses are equipped with all the amenities needed for a safe and enjoyable trip, available for rent daily, weekly, or monthly.

Monthly Pick and Drop Service from Sharjah to Dubai

Monthly Commuter Service from Sharjah to Dubai : Take advantage of our monthly pick and drop services between Sharjah and Dubai. Designed for regular commuters, this service offers a reliable and stress-free way to travel to work or school.

Sharjah Bus to Abu Dhabi and Bus from Sharjah to Dubai

Bus Routes Covering Sharjah to Abu Dhabi and Dubai : Travel comfortably from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi or Dubai with our dedicated bus routes. These services are tailored for ease of travel between these major cities, ensuring timely arrivals and departures.

Minibus Hire

Hire a Minibus for Your Next Group Adventure : Whether it’s a corporate event or a family gathering, our minibus hire services in Sharjah cater to all your group travel needs. Choose from a variety of minibuses that best suit your group’s size and preferences.

Bus Rental Ras Al Khaimah

Bus Rental Services in Ras Al Khaimah : Extend your travel possibilities with our bus rental services in Ras Al Khaimah. Explore the city and surrounding areas with our diverse fleet that includes luxury buses, minibuses, and more.

Bus Rental UAE

Comprehensive Bus Rental Services Across the UAE : Our bus rental services span across the UAE, offering you top-quality transportation solutions wherever you are located. From Sharjah to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond, we ensure your travel needs are met with excellence and professionalism.

Our Services

Bus Rental Services

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rentals : Choose from our flexible bus rental options available daily, weekly, or monthly to match your specific needs. Whether you need a bus for a one-time event or regular transportation, we offer customized packages with or without professional drivers. Our services are designed to provide maximum convenience and flexibility, ensuring that you have reliable transportation whenever you need it.

School Bus Rentals

Features and Safety Protocols : Our school bus rentals are equipped with the latest safety technologies, including GPS tracking, automatic speed limiters, and child-safe seat belts. Each bus undergoes regular maintenance checks and is driven by drivers who are specially trained for handling young passengers. Safety and comfort are our top priorities, making sure that parents can rest assured their children are in good hands.

Staff and Labor Transportation

Customized Solutions for Businesses : We provide dependable transportation solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your workforce, from route optimization to flexible scheduling. Enhance your organizational efficiency with our reliable staff and labor transportation services, designed to keep your operations running smoothly.

City Tours and Sightseeing

Highlight Popular Routes (Sharjah to Dubai, Sharjah to Abu Dhabi) : Explore the vibrant cities of Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi with our guided city tours. Enjoy comfortable and informative sightseeing trips that cover all major attractions, from historic landmarks to modern marvels. Our tours are perfect for tourists and residents alike who wish to discover the rich culture and stunning architecture of these cities.

Special Event Transportation

Weddings, Corporate Events, and More : Elevate your special events with our premier transportation services. We offer luxury buses for weddings, corporate functions, and any significant events, ensuring that your guests travel in style and comfort. Trust us to manage all your transport details seamlessly.

Monthly Pick and Drop Services

From Sharjah to Dubai Schedule and Pricing : Our monthly pick and drop service from Sharjah to Dubai is tailored for daily commuters. Enjoy punctual and comfortable rides with our well-maintained buses, available at competitive prices. Contact us for detailed schedules and exclusive monthly packages.

In Sharjah
Convenience and Reliability
Rely on our intra-city services in Sharjah for timely and efficient transportation. Whether it’s for work or school, our buses ensure you reach your destination on time every day. We pride ourselves on reliability and convenience, making your daily commutes hassle-free.

Our Diverse Fleet

Mini Buses
Features and Capacity
Our mini buses are perfect for smaller groups, offering both comfort and efficiency. Equipped with air conditioning, sound systems, and comfortable seating for up to 16 passengers, they are ideal for corporate outings, family trips, or small group tours.

Coaster Buses
Ideal for Medium-Sized Groups
Coaster buses are a superb choice for medium-sized groups, providing ample space and comfort for up to 30 passengers. These buses are versatile, well-suited for a variety of occasions from corporate events to school trips, ensuring a smooth ride and superior convenience.

Luxury Buses
High-End Amenities for Comfortable Travel
Travel in luxury with our high-end buses, which are equipped with plush seating, entertainment systems, and Wi-Fi. Designed for long journeys and special guests, our luxury buses offer a premium travel experience, combining comfort with elegance.

School and Labor Buses
Custom Features for Safety and Comfort
Our school and labor buses are specifically designed with safety and comfort in mind. Featuring enhanced safety protocols and comfortable seating, these buses ensure safe and comfortable travel for students and workers alike. Trust us to provide reliable transportation solutions tailored to your needs.


City Tours with Sharjah Bus Rental

Explore Sharjah with ease and comfort on our Bus Rental Sharjah Tours. Discover the city’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks hassle-free with our reliable and convenient transportation services.

Al Noor Island

Explore the tranquil beauty of Al Noor Island with our bus rental Sharjah service. Discover stunning art installations and lush landscapes in a serene setting.

Sharjah Aquarium

Discover the underwater world with Sharjah bus rental. Visit Sharjah Aquarium to see a diverse array of marine life and coral species up close.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Delve into rich cultural heritage with bus rental Sharjah. The museum offers insights into Islamic art, history, and science across centuries.

Al Qasba

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Al Qasba with our Sharjah bus rental. Enjoy leisure facilities, dining, and entertainment along the picturesque waterfront.

How Sharjah Bus Rental Works

4 Steps To Book Sharjah Bus Rental

Discover the convenience of bus rental in Sharjah with our streamlined four-step process, ensuring a smooth and efficient service tailored to meet your transportation needs.

Select the type of bus service you require. Our diverse fleet accommodates all needs, from daily commutes to special event transportation.

Use our online platform to book your bus rental in Sharjah. Fill out the booking form with your details, and we'll handle the rest.

Once booked, we will confirm your trip details and schedule. Our team ensures every aspect of your trip is planned according to your preferences.

Enjoy Ride

Sit back and enjoy your journey. Our professional drivers and well-maintained buses guarantee a safe trip across Sharjah.

Our Mission and Vision

At Bus for Rent in Dubai LLC, our mission is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable bus rental services that meet the diverse transportation needs of our customers. We are dedicated to enhancing the travel experience of our clients through superior service and customer care. Our vision is to be recognized as the leading bus rental provider in the UAE, continuously innovating and improving our services to stay ahead of client demands and market trends.

Commitment to Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability are the cornerstones of our operations at Bus for Rent in Dubai LLC. We understand that our responsibility extends beyond transporting passengers from point A to point B; it involves ensuring their safety and comfort throughout their journey. Our fleet is equipped with the latest safety features and undergoes rigorous regular maintenance checks performed by certified technicians. Furthermore, our drivers are carefully selected and extensively trained to handle various traffic conditions and prioritize passenger safety above all.

Our History

Founded 5 years ago, Bus for Rent in Dubai LLC started with just a few buses and a vision to provide exceptional transportation services in the UAE. Over the years, we have grown into a reputable service provider with one of the largest fleets of luxury, standard, and specialized buses in the region. Our history is a testament to our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Through strategic expansions, continuous fleet upgrades, and unwavering commitment to quality service, we have solidified our position as a trusted leader in the bus rental industry.

Years of Service and Experience in the UAE

With over 10 years of service in the UAE, Bus for Rent in Dubai LLC has built a legacy of trust and excellence. Our extensive experience in the region has given us a deep understanding of the unique transportation needs of our diverse clientele, ranging from large corporations and educational institutions to private groups and individual travelers. This experience is reflected in our adaptive and comprehensive service offerings that cover a wide range of transportation needs, consistently delivered with professionalism and care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bus Rental Sharjah

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to find answers to all your queries about bus rental services in Sharjah. Whether you’re planning a trip, need details about our fleet, or have questions about booking procedures, our FAQs provide clarity and guidance to ensure a seamless rental experience.

Have a Question?

Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience with your Sharjah Bus Rental.

Our fleet includes a variety of buses suitable for all occasions, from luxury coaches for corporate events to minibuses for small group tours. Each bus is well-maintained to ensure safety and comfort.

Booking is easy! Simply visit our website, choose your preferred bus type, enter your rental dates and details, and submit your request. We will contact you promptly to finalize the booking.

Yes, our Sharjah bus rental service offers flexible rental options that include single-day rentals, perfect for day trips, corporate events, or any other short-term needs.

Yes, all our bus rentals come with experienced and professional drivers who know the local area well, ensuring you reach your destinations safely and efficiently.

We accept a variety of payment methods including major credit cards, bank transfers, and cash. Full payment details and options will be provided during the booking process.